Minority Bingo

So, I invented this form for a bingo game. Here’re the rules: Next time you get sucked into a discussion about an ethnicity, religious minority, or whatever, have this form at hand! Everytime you or your discussion partner say one of the things on this paper, you may make a cross in the according box (hint: pros use one grid for each player). The first one to have an entire row (horizontal) or column (vertical) full is very probably being racist.

Extra rule to make it a bit more spicy: If someone can cover three boxes with one sentence (e.g. by saying “I’m not racist, but it’s in their blood to steal our jobs”), that person has to read a book. Or…several books.

If I had a printer, I’d really print this out and carry it around with me. For whatever reason, I get pulled into arguments about minorites a lot. And I always hear the same bullcrap, no matter if it’s Jews, Gypsies, Kasakhs, Russians, Turks, or whatever.

minority bingo

I don’t know from who this is (help me out!) and it’s not the exact quote, either. I think it wasn’t even about gypsies, but it doesn’t really matter. Anyways, here we go…

>> When a man gets robbed in the park by a gypsy, the media title “Gypsy robs a man.” When a man gets robed in the park by anyone else, the media title “Man gets robbed in park.” <<


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