German abroad: About this blog and about me

What is this blog even about?IMG_20160606_123648

When I started this blog in 2013, it was primarily designed as a travel blog. However, since then, it strongly developed into a more sociocultural and sometimes even political direction. That includes a wide array of topics, from terrorism over sex and gender, media and national identity to education. The generally international character though is something I want to keep, vaguely focussing on the vast lands where people speak German, Russian, Turkish, and everything in-between.

So who are you?

My name is Lukas Knopp. I travel a lot, mainly in the forementioned area. I did so already during my Bachelor degree in Bielefeld, then when I was working at a university in Istanbul (I’m a German foreign language teacher and kinda proud of that), and, provided there is money, also now during my Master program here in Budapest, where I study Central European Studies and Cultural Diplomacy – a course as diverse as my portfolio. It’s basically all humanities all the way.

Some more personal informations? I’m one of the people who consider reading scientific articles all night enjoyable; fairly progressive; sarcastic as hell; have issues with authorities, mainly because I question everything; once I walked for hours through the Anatolian mountains in more than 30° without water to visit the oldest stone-built monument created by humans and was delighted to find little ducklings carved into one pillar’s base.

Why did you start writing this blog?

Because people told me to.

And why would people do that?

I wonder myself. Apparently I’m funny and I experience lots of mildly exciting stuff. I also imagine that my life so far would give me interesting perspectives. Fair enough, coming from the background I come from, I essentially live in an ivory tower – but at least my ivory tower has large windows.

Like, why would you as a straight white man even care about topics like feminism?


Seriously though, you don’t need to be a tree to join Greenpeace and you don’t need to belong to a marginalised social group to speak out for the affected people’s rights.


Me, pretending to be Lawrence of Arabia.

When you write, what are you sources?

I research what I sell as a fact and if I’m not sure about a source or so, I will also write that. Controversial or surprising ideas come with a link. If you find something I wrote to be wrong or question where I got it from, always feel free to tell me about it. We all do mistakes sometimes and I’m always happy to learn.

What else is there to know?

I’ll try to keep certain topics out of this blog, for example very personal or even intimate stuff. For some sensible topics, like politics or religion, this won’t always work (you know, it’s a blog about culture and views…).

Also, I’ll try to keep my fairly black humour out of this, but again, it won’t always work. So if you can’t understand irony or you’re easily offended, well…I don’t really care.


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